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21 Tumblr Posts That Show Just How Relatable The “Why You Always Lying Vine” Is

mmmmm ooOOOOOOOOOHHH my god.

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If you haven't been living under a rock over the past couple of weeks, you would know that the "why you always lying?" Vine is the greatest thing on the Internet right now.

Tumblr has taken this work of art and perfectly adapted the Vine to every day situations.

1. When your friends' timeliness comes into question.

2. When international relations get too real...

3. ... or even just American politics.

4. When your mum tries to be your friend.

5. Or when she always abandons you in the car.

6. When your teacher tries to convince you that you'll use algebra later in life...

7. ... or when you try to convince yourself that you'll study.

8. When Frank Ocean says he'll drop his album in July.

9. When your Wi-Fi keeps cutting out.

10. When Tumblr staff say that users will love their updates...

11. ... and you don't but you know you can't resist anyway.

12. When Pretty Little Liars just straight up pretty-little-lies.

13. When Haymitch breaks you every damn time...

14. ... or when you realise Voldemort is forced to always listen to Harry talking shit.

15. When Elsa from Frozen completely contradicts herself.

16. Or when every child has 83 "favourite" movies.

17. When you have no control over your own emotions...

18. ... and your anxiety gets the better of you.

19. When the fuckboys are aplenty.

20. Or like when public transport keeps lying.

21. Or when your head and your bank account really just has enough of your shit.

So, we want to know...