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    Updated on 20 Aug 2019. Posted on 11 Jan 2018

    19 Things You'll Understand If You Just Really Love Costco

    A hotdog and drink with unlimited refills for under $2? Am I dead? Is this heaven?

    1. You've mastered the art of pushing your cart while eating everything you grabbed from the food court.

    @lalachloee / Via

    2. And you're a pro at balancing your drinks in the perfect position so they don't spill while you shop.

    @cubie.c / Via

    3. Because even though the lines to get into Costco can sometimes be wild...

    @askthebutcher_ / Via

    4. know the queues to get food are basically hell on Earth.

    @kitinsyd / Via

    5. So you've learnt to buy food when lines are short and just settle with playing cart Tetris as you shop, to save yourself time.

    @oh131009 / Via

    6. Or when you have the time and can find a seat, you treat yourself with a full-on feast that only costs you like... eight dollars.

    @jackstagram_nb / Via

    7. But no matter how much you try to avoid it, you're still not immune to a sauce and toppings spill.

    @tacoponie / Via

    8. You're really no stranger to a little boot rearranging after a Costco trip...

    @riveraidenn / Via

    9. ...because your receipt is always, like, half the length of your body.

    @peggygreen_ / Via

    10. You're constantly buying things you don't need because it all seems so much cheaper in the moment.

    @tungshan5 / Via

    "Four heads of broccoli? When DON'T I need that many greens?!?!"

    11. Or you stock up on items because you're sure you'll need them in the future.

    @tamilicious_ / Via

    "I love fresh breath. Of course I'll use 16, 50-packs of mints in the next six months!"

    12. But you've also become unfazed by some of the extravagant things that would have once grabbed your attention.

    @james73thompson / Via

    13. Except for the coffins by the exit. They always make you stop.

    @l_i_s_a__e / Via

    14. You're still pretty amused whenever the big, giant teddy bears get put on display again.

    @kaaylee / Via

    15. And you're always in awe of all the super-sized versions of all your favourite things.

    @calmal / Via

    16. Spinning the onion dispenser is easily one of your favourite parts of a Costco trip.

    @samueltmurray / Via

    17. Because the only thing better than the onions are all the free samples.

    @aiimy / Via

    18. Which you're not ashamed to hoard as you roam the aisles.

    @costco / Via

    19. And while you always try to cull all your unnecessary cards, you know your Costco one will never go anywhere.

    @mitchstep / Via

    Costco, I love you. Never change. ❤️❤️

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