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25 Tweets About Men That'll Make Women Shake Their Heads And Softly Say "Damn"

Man... I'm tired.


beyoncé is only taking jay z on tour because he can’t be trusted home alone for 5 months


me coming to terms with the fact that i like boys and have been doomed to find some of them attractive


"Did you cum" Yea to the wrong house pass me my crop top im leaving


"hey I saw you on tinder but we didn't match so I found your instagram you're so beautiful you don't need to wear all that makeup ahah I bet you get a lot of creepy dm's but I'm not like all those other guys message me back beautiful btw whats your snap"



why do boys text you out of nowhere?? Bro we havent spoken in like 3 months whats makes u think ima text back??? Lmaooooooo ima reply tho


me when a girl compliments me vs when a guy compliments me


good morning how will men disappoint me today


me getting ready to quadruple text a boy after getting left on read again



When Drake tells us to stop being nice to men


“Men were raised to suppress emotion.” Bitch you are 34. Go to a fuckin therapist& learn to be a functioning adult. The fuck.


My grandmothers 1925 version of “men are trash” x


Once I told me ex to slap my face during sex and he said he didn't wanna hurt me, but then cheated on me so I'm confused


Shrek is a cautionary tale about how dating ugly, musty men because “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” will make you ugly and musty as well thank you for coming to my ted talk


that’s true lol. men ridiculing tf out of Blac Chyna’s head game yet be licking the wrong part of your vagina & swear they goin dumb


“Ugh I really like talking to this boy he is so sweet and cute” *2 days later* Me:


“I’d never date a girl who gets naked for money. Have more self respect.” Kyle’s job position is “Sandwich Artist” at Subway. His gas bill is three months overdue. He had sleep for dinner last night. His XBox Live is paid for though.


me: men are trash men: uR DaD iS A MeN too me:


U ever look at a nigga like... You just TOO fine to not have something wrong w you lmaooo. Like what’s the catch? & then he shows you like a week later. Lmaoooo


Male Rappers: “IM FUCKIN YA BITCH SHE ALL ON DIS DICK” Men: SZA: “My man is your man—“ Men:


All men are trash. Even the good ones. Especially the good ones because they perpetuate the idea that not all men are trash which is fucked up because all men are trash.


Me when y'all applaud men for doing the bare minimum:


do men just waste peoples time... is that their job?