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    19 Summer Struggles Only People Who Work In An Office Will Understand

    Melting on the train or freezing in the office, there's no in-between.

    1. At 7am you wake up in a puddle of your own sweat because you didn't think the heat would start up so soon.



    2. So you force yourself into an ice-cold shower which really just puts your body into shock.

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    3. When you finally regain feeling, you try to put on your work-appropriate clothing while still trying to wear nothing.


    4. You repack your bag and take out all the heavy stuff you don't think you'll need.

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    Umbrella? Nah mate, it's 37°C.

    5. Then you make your way to the station, praying you're blessed with a train that isn't from the middle ages.

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    6. When you finally nab one with AC, you struggle to fit between all the sweaty businessmen and women in skirts and sneakers.

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    7. You eventually get to work and hope no one can see the sweat patches you got from the five-minute walk from the station.

    @thomas_slater / Via Twitter: @thomas_slater

    8. After a while your body adjusts to the office temperature and you thank the gods for that sweet, sweet AC.

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    9. Until you realise that you're actually really cold because whoever's controlling the thermostat has no fucking idea what they're doing.

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    Gary, I swear to fucking god.

    10. So you throw on a jumper, and continue to work until it's time for lunch.


    11. When you head outside to grab some food, you're immediately hit by the wrath of the hot, humid air.


    12. Then you remember you've still got your jumper on, so you tie it around your waist like the world's biggest dad.

    @GhostStaceKill / Via Twitter: @GhostStaceKilla

    13. You return to the office to eat your lunch and check Snapchat, only to find basically everyone else is at the beach.

    BuzzFeed / 20th Century Fox

    Oh, so I guess no one else GOES TO WORK ANYMORE THEN.

    14. So you angrily finish your food and realise you now only have four more hours of AC before returning to hell.

    Adult Swim

    15. It hits 5pm and you defeatedly pack your things and prepare for the sweaty stampede that is your journey home.

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    16. But when you go to leave, you see it's absolutely pissing down and remember that you unpacked your umbrella this morning.

    @FPFields / Via Twitter: @FPFields

    Fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

    17. You run through the rain, trying not to slip, and squish yourself onto another humid, packed train.


    18. You get home, shower AGAIN, and knock out hella early because the heat really took it out of you.


    19. And then you suddenly wake up at 7am in another pile of sweat because it's somehow already 26°C again?????????

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