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    15 Bomb-Ass Burgers Everyone In Sydney Needs To Try

    It's National Burger Day everyday in our hearts.

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    1. The Trufflenator from Dee Why Hotel, Dee Why.

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    Two wagyu beef patties coated in melted American cheddar and sandwiched between two grilled buns can really only be made better by the addition of two things: bacon and truffle-infused mayo. Oh, and maple syrup of course.

    2. The Blame Canada from Bar Luca, Sydney CBD.

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    When you think of Canada one thing comes to mind: poutine. That's exactly what makes the Blame Canada so special. In addition to the gravy and cheese curd-covered fries, the burger features a wagyu patty, maple-glazed bacon, and a maple aioli. Blame Canada, indeed.

    3. The Meaty Ménage from Chef's Kitchen and Cafe, St Leonards.

    Instagram: @foodienando /

    If meat is what you're after, the Meaty Ménage is exactly what you'll want. This burger uses a wagyu patty and American cheddar but is a little different housed within panini bread. The thing that makes this burger so meaty is the 14hr smoked beef brisket and bacon rashers. Mhmmmm.

    4. The Infamous Primo from Burgers by Josh, various locations.

    Instagram: @spooningaust /

    Fluffy milk buns hold together the Primo and its classic flavours. The double patties, crispy bacon, iceberg lettuce, and melted American cheese are taken to the next level with the addition of onion rings, primo sauce, and jalepeños. This one's a mouthful.

    5. The Truffle from Mister Gee Burger Truck, Haberfield.

    Instagram: @howac /

    Mister Gee's is well-known for their monster burgers that are constantly changing. One of the original burgers that always finds its way back is the Truffle. A beef patty, or two if you're feeling it, is accompanied by onion, rocket, and a delicious truffle sauce. The lineup is definitely worth it.

    6. The Bare Cockfighter from Bare Grill and Cafe, La Perouse.

    Instagram: @bianca1187 /

    You can always take a break from all the beef and head over to Bare Grill for the Bare Cockfighter burger. This beaut is made of two pieces of southern fried chicken, bacon, American cheddar, coleslaw, and a dollop of guac and big bare sauce. The only fighting you'll be doing is with your stomach to get this whole bad boy down.

    7. The T.L.C Burger from Pub Life Kitchen, Rozelle and Ultimo.

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    Another chicken burger that you're going to need to try is the T.L.C from Pub Life Kitchen. Buttermilk fried chicken, cheese, pickles, bacon, and a green Sriracha mayo is the combination that you never knew you needed.

    8. The Crispy Fish Burger from Papi Chulo at the Merivale, Manly.

    Instagram: @patrickfriesen /

    If beef or chicken isn't your style and you're after something a little more light, the fish burger from Papi Chulo might just be down your alley. A Barramundi fillet crumbed and deep-fried is accompanied by a spicy tartar sauce and some picked jalepeño for that extra kick.

    9. The Sweet Bacon Blues from Barrio Cellar, Sydney CBD.

    Instagram: @an9ii /

    Something a little more traditional and a little more manageable is the Sweet Bacon Blues burger from Barrio Cellar. A beef patty is accompanied with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion but the dulce de leche and blue cheese mayo makes this burger one to keep on your hit list.

    10. The Double Royal with cheese from Good Time Burgers, Bondi Junction.

    Instagram: @goodtimeburgers /

    The Double Royal with cheese is one of those burgers that is almost too perfect to eat. Grass-fed beef patties are paired with melted American cheese, pickles, onions, jalepeños, and special sauce. To top it all off (literally) is a deep-fried Mac and Cheese ball. *drools*

    11. The OG Burger from Char Char Food Truck, various locations.

    Instagram: @eatdrinkplaysyd /

    There's something about getting a burger from a truck that instantly makes it taste better. And Char Char does this very well with their OG burger. It's all the flavours you know and love - beef, cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and of course, tomato sauce.

    12. The Pig Kahuna from Inferno Grill, Maroubra.

    Instagram: @marco_fanuli /

    Chicken with a twist is what Inferno Grill seem to be serving up with their delicious Pig Kahuna burger. You might think that the meat would be pork but it is in fact southern fried chicken with maple glazed bacon. For a little twist they've paired the meats with pineapple, American cheddar, coleslaw, and a chilli mayo.

    13. The Double Bronx from Five Point Burgers, North Sydney.

    Instagram: @insatiablyhungry /

    Five Points only serves four different burgers so you know they're all about quality and not quantity. The Bronx is the most classic flavoured of the lot, featuring beef patties, bacon, lettuce, onion jam, cheese, tomato sauce, mustard, and aioli.

    14. The Sumo Burger from Soul Burger, various locations.

    Instagram: @dclerks /

    Would you believe this burger has not a single trace of meat? This vegetarian delight features a plant-based beef patty paired with plant-based spicy sausage, mushroom, cheese, peppers, tomato, lettuce, a herb mayo, and tomato relish.

    15. The Death by Donut Burger from Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern.

    Instagram: @thejugernauts /

    If your tooth is a little sweeter, the Death by Donut burger can fix that for you. In place of bread buns are cinnamon donuts that hold the beef patties, hash brown, bacon jam, pickles, mayo, and cheese. Oh and the bacon strips of course.

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