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19 Images Petty People In Love With Drama Know To Be True

Team putting in headphones but not listening to anything.

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1. Your blood composition is like 55% plasma, 45% red blood cells, and just about 100% petty.

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2. And your only real life essentials are food, water, sleep, and drama.

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3. You say you hate drama but your favourite activity is watching it unfold from the sidelines.

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4. And while you love watching it, you can't handle any messy drama coming back onto you.

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5. But when it inevitably does, you stay silent until the end, then hit them with the "I just think it's funny how..."

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6. You live for people coming up to you to ask for updates on the latest goss.


7. And you're the go-to for everyone's stalking needs.

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8. You low-key get offended when people approach you with drama like you didn't already know it last Tuesday.


9. You've got your receipts saved for every occasion in case someone wants to try you.

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10. And your screenshot list is impressive to say the least.


11. You pretend you don't care about people texting you back, but in reality it drives you crazy.

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12. And your most recently used emojis look a little something like this.


13. You've perfected the art of having earphones in with absolutely nothing but silence playing.

The perfect eavesdropping scam.
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The perfect eavesdropping scam.

14. You like sipping tea, not for the taste, but for the vibe.


15. And you don't own any hats because you're always surrounded by shade.

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16. Your biggest pet peeve is people who selfishly have drama with private accounts.


17. Which is just above people telling you they have tea but that they can't spill it.


18. You honestly sometimes try to not get involved in drama but it doesn't last very long.

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19. And really, you know that you'll die petty holding onto all the grudges you said you'd forgotten.

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