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    22 Sep 2016

    19 Australian Skills The Rest Of The World Just Doesn't Understand

    Missed call from "The Biggest Dickhead On Earth".

    1. The smarts to give such heartfelt nicknames to the ones we love most.

    @browncardigan / Via

    2. And creating the perfect balance between studies and a social life.

    3. Embracing other cultures in the best ways possible.

    @browncardigan / Via

    4. And always looking at the bright side in life.

    SBS / @browncardigan / Via

    5. Seeing the best in everything this fine country has to offer.

    6. And discovering our fine country in everything else for that matter.

    @Ab Kazuya / @Ashalay Price / Via /

    7. Having the confidence to not sugar coat how we really feel.

    @browncardigan / Via

    8. And being able to see the real beauty in the English language.

    @browncardigan / Via

    9. Which includes being true to ourselves, and not changing how we speak for anyone.

    @savanna_s89 / Via

    10. Always demonstrating just how inventive the Australian people can be.

    @chizle14 / Via

    11. And making the most of the materials around us.

    @lilhamofrom79th / Via Twitter: @lilhamofrom79th

    12. Always being prepared to celebrate in the right ways.

    @tonifromthemount / Via

    13. And knowing how to overcome hardships of the worst kind.

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    14. Simply having the strongest stomachs in the world.

    @smartasstay / Via Twitter: @smartasstay

    15. And the admirable ability to rethink old backyard classics.

    @clairepony / Via

    16. Being knowledgable on the most perfect of pairings.

    @jemimaskelley / Via Twitter: @jemimaskelley

    17. And accepting that there are absolutely no limits in love.

    @browncardigan / Via

    18. Being able to deal with wild spiders by any necessary means.


    19. But at the end of the day, having the faith to leave certain things to the professionals.

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