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19 Things Everyone Who's Ever Had A Haircut Will Understand

"Thank you so much, I love my new haircut!!!" *goes home and cries*

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1. You put off getting a haircut for ages, meaning whenever you try to style your hair it looks shit.

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2. Especially when you try out fancy YouTube tutorials.

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3. And while your long hair is your security blanket, it can really just become a big ol' hassle.

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4. Although you're still pretty shaken from your last visit to the hairdresser, you know you need to go again.

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5. So you go all out and treat yourself with a wash, cut, and blow dry.

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6. But you only trust one, maybe two of the hairdressers in the shop.

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7. Because you know damn well that some stylists must be using some special type of measuring system.

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8. So you wait for your hairdresser in one of the chairs until they're good and ready to deal with your nest.

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9. And when they finally make their way to you, you have to pretend you care about their recommendations.

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10. After the cut, you feel hella confident while they're drying and styling your hair.

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11. And when they finish up and show you the final product, you need to take a moment to compose yourself.

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12. You lie about how much you love it while you think about all the different hats you now need to buy.

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13. You instantly regret your decision to cut your hair when you look into your bathroom mirror.

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14. And you question why you made plans with friends on the same day you booked your haircut.

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15. Your friends and family all tell you how much they love it, even though you know they're lying.

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16. But there's always that one friend who is brutally honest about their opinions.

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17. Plus your partner says they love it until things go a little sour.

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18. So you try everything you can to fix your current hair situation.

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19. But at the end of the day you know it's just hair that'll grow back...eventually.

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