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21 Photos That'll Make You Laugh Then Ask, "OK, But Why?"

I have no idea what's going on anymore.

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1. This delicious dessert combo:

2. And this spooky summoning:

3. This useful cleaning appliance:

4. And this chicken with a lil' side of consent:

5. This sex query:

@J.T. Sexkik / Via

6. And this waiting game:

7. This dedication to Grandan and Nanner:

@Joe Weller / Via

8. And this attempt at a good deed:

9. This delicious Mexican feast:

10. And this corny hairstyle:

11. This plan to save Earth:

12. And this quick math:

13. This spicy conversation:

14. And this new Arilama banger:

@Joe Weller / Via

15. This costly part of history:

16. This cereal-bar mishap:

17. And this gang-loving snack:

18. This fountain of nowledge:

19. And this lengthy pregnancy:

20. This easy-to-pass test:

21. And, well, this lover of all phones:

Jesus take the wheel.
Via Twitter: @IdiotOlympics

Jesus take the wheel.