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    81 Frank Ocean "Blond" Lyrics That Were Made For Your Instagram

    You waited four years so you better make the most of it.

    Def Jam

    1) Inhale, in hell there’s heaven. - “Solo”

    2) I wish I could sleep without being dead but sleep forever at the same time. - “Futura Free”

    3) Keep alive, stay alive. - “Skyline To”

    4) No you can’t make everybody equal, although you got beaucoup family you don’t even got nobody being honest with you. - “Nights”

    5) Been living in an idea, an idea from another man’s mind. - “Seigfried”

    6) But we’re so okay here, we’re doing fine. - “White Ferrari”

    7) Dreaming a thought that could dream about a thought, that could think of the dreamer that thought, that could think of dreaming and getting a glimmer of God. - “Seigfried”

    8) This is life, life immortality. – “Pink + White”

    9) Why am I preaching to this choir, to this atheist? - “Close to You”

    10) I’d rather live outside. I’d rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here. - “Seigfried”

    11) Every night fucks every day up, every day patches the night up. - “Nights”

    12) It’s hell on Earth and the city’s on fire. - “Solo”

    Def Jam

    13) I ain’t a kid no more, we’ll never be those kids again. - “Ivy”

    14) You look down on where you came from sometimes, but you’ll have this place to call home, always. - “Godspeed”

    15) That’s a pretty fucking fast year flew by. - “Skyline To”

    16) Meant it sincere back then, we had time to kill back then. - “Ivy”

    17) Wish I was there, wish we had grown up on the same advice. - “Self Control”

    18) My waves wouldn’t dip back then, everything sucked back then, we were friends. - “Ivy”

    19) Summer’s not as long as it used to be, everyday counts like crazy. - “Skyline To”

    20) Arm around my shoulder so I could tell, how much I meant to you… meant it sincere back then. - “Ivy”

    Def Jam

    21) We’re not in love, but I’ll make love to you. - “Nikes”

    22) I’m up and naked, you dream of walls that hold us in prison. - “White Ferrari”

    23) I came to visit cause you see me like a UFO, that’s like never cause I made you use your self control. - “Self Control”

    24) He don’t care for me, but he cares for me. And that’s good enough. - “Nikes”

    25) I know you don’t need me right now, and to you it’s just a late night out. - “Good Guy”

    26) Now and then you miss it, sound makes you cry, some nights you dance with tears in your eyes. - “Self Control”

    27) We don’t talk much or nothin’, but when we talkin’ about something, we have good discussion. - “Nikes”

    28) I run my hands through what’s left but we’re getting older, baby, how much longer baby? - “Close to You”

    29) You wanna keep me now? Don’t let me down. - “Pretty Sweet”

    Def Jam

    30) This love will keep us blinded by the eyes, silence in the ears, darkness of the mind. - “Godspeed”

    31) I care for you still and I will forever - that was my part of the deal, honest. - “White Ferrari”

    32) I’m in front of you, I’m every day. – “Facebook Story“

    33) There will be mountains you won’t move, still I’ll always be there for you. - “Godspeed”

    34) To the edge I’ll race you, to the end I’ll make it, all the risk, I’ll take it. - “Pretty Sweet”

    35) Forgot to tell you, gotta tell you how much I vibe with you. - “Solo”

    36) You showed me love, glory from above. Good glory. - “Pink + White”

    37) I’ll always love you, until the time we die. - “Godspeed”

    38) I didn’t care to state the plain, kept my mouth closed, we’re both so familiar. - “White Ferrari”

    39) You been missing all my night, still got some good nights memorised. - “Nights”

    40) I’ll be the boyfriend in your wet dreams tonight. - “Self Control”

    41) I thought that I was dreaming when you said you love me. - “Ivy”

    Def Jam

    42) Less morose and more present, dwell on my gifts for a second. - “Seigfried”

    43) Roots run deep, family throw a big shadow. - “Futura Free”

    44) So-low that I can give a fuck about what is trending. – “Solo (Reprise)”

    45) I’m just a guy, I’m not a god - sometimes I feel like I’m a god but I’m not a god. - “Futura Free”

    46) Rely and trust upon your own decisions. On your own beliefs. – “Be Yourself”

    47) Trying to cut down on my spending, regardless of winning, instead of pretending, and bending over backwards. – “Solo (Reprise)”

    48) So-low that no more high horses, so hard to wear Polo. - “Solo (Reprise)“

    49) Round the city, round the clock, everybody needs you. - “Nights”

    50) Yeah I ain’t got bitches no more. Now I don’t care about bitches like that. - “Good Guy”

    51) Stop trying to be somebody else. Don’t try to be some else. Be yourself and know that that’s good enough. – “Be Yourself”

    Def Jam

    52) Ain’t ran since track meet, that’s the only time I ran from one. - “Futura Free”

    53) Piece in my hand worth twice than a friend. – “Skyline To”

    54) Over half these hoes had work done, sayin’ they want something real from a man. – “Solo (Reprise)”

    55) It’s when I realised you talk too much, more than I do. - “Good Guy”

    56) Remember when I had that Lexus, no? Our friendship don’t go that far. - “Futura Free”

    57) Know them boys wanna see me broke down and shit, bummed out and shit, stressed out and shit, that’s every day shit. - “Nights”

    58) I ain’t on your schedule, I ain’t on no schedule. - “Futura Free”

    59) So-low that I can admit, when I hear that another kid is shot by the popo, it ain’t an event no more. – “Solo (Reprise)”

    60) I’ll keep quiet and let your run your phone bill up, I know you love to talk. - “Futura Free”

    61) I broke your heart last week. You’ll probably feel better by the weekend. - “Ivy”

    Def Jam

    62) Rolling marijuana - that’s a cheap vacation. - “Nights”

    63) I’m going rapidly, fading drastically. - “Futura Free”

    64) This is the blood, the body, the life right now, the hype right now. - “Pretty Sweet”

    65) This feel like a quaalude, no sleep in my body. - “Nights”

    66) I’m skipping showers and switching socks, sleeping good and long. - “Solo”

    67) I could dream all night, I could drive all night, dreaming. - “Ivy”

    68) Stayed up ‘til my phone died, smoking big, rolling solo. - “Solo”

    69) Stayin’ with you when I didn’t have an address, fuckin’ on you when I didn’t own a mattress. - “Nights”

    70) Living so the last night feels like a past life. - “Nikes”

    71) Want to see nirvana, but don’t want to die. - “Nights”

    Def Jam

    72) Did you call me from a seance? You are from a past life. - “Nights”

    73) Long as I could fuck three times a day and not skip a meal I’m good. - “Futura Free”

    74) Maybe I’m a fool, to settle for a place with some nice views. - “Seigfried”

    75) Mind over matter is magic. I do magic. - “White Ferrari”

    76) You text nothing like you look. - “Good Guy”

    77) I’m sure we’re taller in another dimension, you say we’re smaller and not worth the mention. - “White Ferrari”

    78) These bitches want Nikes, they looking for a check. - “Nikes”

    79) Left when I forgot to speak, so I text to speech, lesser speeds. - “White Ferrari”

    80) No trees to blow through, but blow me and I owe you. - “Solo”

    81) You got a roommate he’ll hear what we do, it’s only awkward if you’re fucking him too. - “Nikes”



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