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    Posted on 22 Mar 2017

    This Guy Catfished Someone For Two Years By Faking A Female Voice And It’s Iconic

    I mean, even the dude getting catfished was impressed.

    Everyone knows that Catfish has given us some pretty damn good moments over the years.


    But last week's episode with Danny and "Rosa" might've taken the cake.

    Catfish is on another level. 😭

    You see, Danny and Rosa spent the last two years speaking but Danny didn't catch the BRIGHT RED FLAGS when he was constantly getting stood up. He also didn't clue on when he found out Rosa had THREE Facebook pages. Despite all of that, he still wanted to have a child with her.

    So the professional catfish hunters, Nev and Max, helped Danny and found out that Rosa wasn't even in the same state and that she was actually a man called Jose.

    Turns out Jose managed to trick Danny for so long because he's actually really fucking good at putting on a female voice.

    And it's honestly left people SHOOK.

    Jose is in the wrong profession, can someone make him a voice actor #Catfish

    Honestly that boy from catfish putting on the lassies voice is PHENOMENAL

    @RyMcDermott @ENTFORBREAKFAST 😂😂😂😂 mate even the guy who got catfish is loving it 😂😂😂

    While others just couldn't handle the whole damn situation.

    I'm not done this episode of Catfish yet but I'm almost 100% sure Danny's mamacita is a mamaHEta LOL that voice on the phone too deep 🙃

    Rosa when she recognized Nev's voice on the phone #Catfish

    But even though Danny was understandably mad, the episode ended pretty beautifully with a heartfelt interaction between the two.

    I wish every catfish episode ended like this last one @CatfishMTV that was so beautiful 😪

    Despite Jose's tough past, he managed to get through it and is now doing well. He moved out, got a new job, and found support through his church. Danny even sent Jose some well wishes and words of encouragement after their Catfish encounter.


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