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21 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed Makeup Struggles

"Send nudes." OK, you want MAC Velvet Teddy or MAC Honey Love?

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1. When you forget a step and it's way too late to go back.

2. When people feel the need to comment on how much makeup you wear.

3. Or when they try and tell you what you can or can't do.

4. When you try the natural approach and it's much harder than full-glam.

5. Or when the "natural" products are anything but.

6. When you are well aware of your one and only asset.

7. When symmetry just doesn't work in your favour.

8. And specifically, when your winged liner refuses to ever match.

9. Or when bad things happen to good people.

10. When you start picking up on little things no one else really notices.

11. Or when you hope that people start to notice the masterpiece that is your face.

12. When your take on words completely shifts.

"You want nudes? Well I've got MAC Honey Love and Velvet Tedd..."

"You want nudes? Well I've got MAC Honey Love and Velvet Tedd..."

13. And when you just have to get used to some strange names.

14. When people try to inform you on things you already know.

15. When you constantly have to hold yourself back from the Sephora sales.

16. Which is hard when makeup is your therapy.

17. When all the products you want cost way more than they should.

18. When you feel like your online orders take approximately six years to get to you.

19. When you have no storage space for all the products you ordered anyway.

20. When you get too excited by all your new goodies and you go in heavy-handed.

21. Or you fail as you try to master new techniques.

22. When you finally beat your face hella good but the natural lighting begs to differ.

23. Or worst of all, when you just can't capture the perfection that is your face on camera.