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    Drake Fans Are Shook After He Refunded His Concert All Because Travis Scott Fell

    Have you ever heard someone fall in auto-tune? Well, you have now.

    So everyone knows Drake is amazing, beautiful, and really, just one of the absolute best.

    @champagnepapi / Via

    But he's gotten even better after he offered to fully refund his fans because Travis Scott fell down a hole during the London leg of his "Boy Meets World" tour.

    Travis Scott fallin and @Drake pulling him out is the funniest thing- best thing I witnessed tonight

    Travis fell during a performance of "Goosebumps" and broke the inflatable globe Drake uses to close his show.

    Travis was unharmed and the show resumed immediately, but Drake was sure to let fans know that the show would be free.

    Drake announced he was refunding 20,000 tickets and giving a free show for the night because Travis Scott fell and…

    “I’m doing this shit for free tonight I don’t give a fuck,” he said. "London, England, I love you, I hope you enjoyed your free show."

    And while people were really grateful for Drake's gesture...

    As if Drake is refunding everyone at tonight's concert because the globe didn't blow up 😭😭😭

    All because a globe didn't inflate properly on the stage don't ever tell me this guy doesn't care about his fans smh

    ...most just couldn't handle how this whole mess happened.

    travis scott really fell in a hole and cost drake at least a million dollars. heck of a wednesday

    Just wanna take a moment to thank travis scott for falling down a hole and getting us all lit for free this eve, you the real mvp 🙏

    when you fell down Drake's pit live and realize you broke his globe

    I hate people who spend the entirety of concerts filming on their phones, but it did give us the clip of Travis Scott falling through a hole

    I've watched the video of Travis Scott falling into that hole in autotune 500 times

    travis scott casually falls in a hole drake: "that's turnt"

    Oh, and if you were wondering if Travis Scott's OK, he just thinks it was all pretty fucking epic.

    By far one of the most turnt and epic shit ever fuck

    Blessings, Drizzy, blessings. 🙏🙏

    @champagnepapi / Via

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