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    People Are Obsessed With How Much DJ Khaled Loves His Son

    So pure, so beautiful. I'm not sobbing, you are.

    Hi, hello, and welcome. Everyone knows DJ Khaled: producer of sick beats, Snapchat king, and pro at getting lost on jet skis at night.


    Well, last year, his fiancé gave birth to his beautiful baby boy, Asahd Tuck Khaled.

    From the second Asahd was born, he was surrounded by greatness. And by that I mean DJ Khaled literally played his latest album while his girl was pushing Asahd out.

    Live look at DJ Khaled's snapchat...

    And, well, since Asahd's birth, Khaled hasn't been shy showing the world how much he loves his baby boy.


    So much so that DJ Khaled made his son the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of his newest album. I'm 22, and not even close to being an executive of my own damn life lmao pls help.

    He even created an Instagram account for Asahd, and leaves comments like the four-month-old actually runs it.

    Asahd Khaled
    Asahd Khaled

    As cheesy as it all seems, people are in love with how much Khaled is in love with his son.

    Asahd Khaled
    Asahd Khaled

    DJ Khaled son Asahd probably been told I love you more times in 4months than my entire 20+ years of life

    DJ Khaled's son is going to find the cure for cancer or end world hunger. Only greatness can come from having such a motivational father. 😂

    DJ Khaled's son finna grow up with the biggest self-esteem known to man.

    Lmfaoo dawg DJ Khaled son just smiling while his pops speak positivity in his life 💯💯

    Even though sometimes it can all get a bit much, DJ Khaled gets mad props for loving his son the way he does.

    @DrakoTsunami / Via Twitter: @DrakoTsunami

    DJ Khaled, bless up. Never stop the Asahd love! ❤️️

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    Now that's a major key.

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