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We Need To Talk About This "Coughing" Cat Meme Because It Has Truly Ruined Me

I have literally been thinking about it all day.

Hello, I know time is precious. So I'm just going to get straight into this.

Twitter user @aliahgeyes tweeted this coughing cat the other day and I can honestly not stop thinking about it.

The original image was created by @idascreatures, who spends their spare time photoshopping a whole bunch of animals.

I don't know why or how or whether that cat in the photo is actually ok, but this image is truly seared into my mind.

I just can't get over how accurate this coughing cat actually is.

@aliahgeyes My brother is proof of this lmfao

Like, why do kids really be looking like this when they cough?

Every. Single. Time.

This cat has seriously sent me rolling. My brain cannot handle it.

i haven’t been able to sleep since that tweet that said this is how lil kids cough

Like...what business does this cat have looking like Steve Buscemi?

Seriously, please help me.

Anyway, please enjoy watching this cat cough like a small child one more time. :)