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    17 Of The Absolute Most Fucking Cooked Things To Happen In Australia

    God love this fine country.

    1. This angry ex-missus and her billboard.

    @browncardigan / Via Instagram: @browncardigan

    2. And these cob loaf-crazed lovebirds.

    @cooksuck / Via Instagram: @cooksuck

    3. This, uh, inventive ice cream flavour choice.

    @maestroatlarge / Via Instagram: @maestroatlarge

    4. This bowl of "chill concerne" which is frankly quite concerning.

    5. This parking info, which should honestly just be a no stopping sign at this point.

    6. This $15 deconstructed Vegemite toast with an unnecessarily giant serve of butter.

    @sfogliacafe / Via Instagram: @sfogliacafe

    7. And these vegan graffiti bandits who, of course, hail from Melbourne.

    8. This food and drink combo which I am absolutely CERTAIN no one asked for.

    @butterflybaby01 / Via Instagram: @butterflybaby01

    9. And this place that genuinely thought Vegemite and milk would pair well together.

    10. This bloke on the tram gnawing on what one could call an al dente beef tartare.

    @browncardigan / Via

    11. This vac-packed Zinger box, which is equal parts impressive and revolting.

    12. And this baffling oven-cooked meat pie fiasco.

    jordy_smith_ / Via

    I truly don't know how this person managed to set a meat pie on fire but I am all kinds of offended.

    13. This barefoot boxer unicycling down a street on a steep hill.

    14. This shovel-turned-plate that's doing my head in from just the sight of it.

    15. And this piss-poor serving of a "chicken parma".

    16. This bar dedicated to Australia's favourite drunken pastime.

    @browncardigan / Via Instagram: @browncardigan

    17. And literally just everything about this.

    Twitter: @CookSuck

    Someone? Anyone? Please explain????

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