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    This Is For Everyone Who Knows Sleeping After A Good Cry Is The Fucking Best

    This is the only type of CRY-otherapy I need.

    There really isn't anything better in this world than sleep.


    That is, of course, aside from post-cry sleep. The absolute BEST type of sleep.


    You know, post-cry sleep, the bomb-ass sleep you have after you bawl your eyes out.

    Curing your post-sobbing exhaustion with a fat, juicy sleep is a feeling like no other.

    Lmfao After You Cry You Be Sleepy Af & You Get The Best Sleep Of Yo Life

    I always sleep the best after having good sex or having a good cry

    Not only does all the crying clear your mind, but it also tires you the fuck out, making falling asleep so damn easy.

    After u cry u be feeling so damn relaxed and exhausted

    the sleep after a long needed cry is honestly the best sleep in the world...

    Plus it's a known fact that the sleep's even better when you use some hella sad music to fuel those tears.

    Lionsgate / Via Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

    You gotta make sure you have the highest quality cry session to ensure your sleep is fire.

    Honestly bless post-cry sleep for just magically fixing all issues.

    @_denajahmai @Goldbenjamins You ain't never lied cause the nap I woke up from got me feeling brand new. I forgot wh…

    1. So, do you reckon the sleep after crying is the best?

      So, do you reckon the sleep after crying is the best?

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    So, do you reckon the sleep after crying is the best?
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      No, I hate crying.
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      Bitch, all sleep is good sleep tf.

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