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    27 Moments That Will Make All Aussies Sad

    Spoiler Alert: Australia discontinues everything.

    1. Every time you've opened a Bubble O' Bill and his nose has been missing.

    2. While the person next to you got lucky with a double-nose.

    3. When Cadbury fundraiser chocolates had a price increase from $1 to $1.20.


    4. When the Aussie weather made your fundraiser chocolates melt at school.

    5. So you were forced to keep the box in your fridge at home.

    6. When your Yowie broke before you even had the chance to bite into it.

    7. And when you found out that they actually still do sell Yowies... in America.

    8. When M&M Biscuits and Twix Tops stopped appearing in your lunch box and you found out they were discontinued.

    9. When KFC started making popcorn chicken bowls... then took them away.

    10. When your Calippo Shots got stuck together at the bottom of the cup.

    11. And then you wished you could have them stuck together again because they were discontinued too.

    12. So you settled for a normal Calippo, and the end turned to mushy paper because you bit on it for too long.

    13. When Macca's decided to go down the fancy route, and knock down a bunch of play areas.

    14. Or the heartbreaking moment when Macca's decided to start charging for Sweet n Sour sauce.

    15. When Gaytime ice-cream tubs were first released and you couldn't find stock anywhere.

    16. Which almost hurt as much as finding out you could buy Ben n Jerry's in Australia before realising that they're $11.95 a tub.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    17. When Lil Elvis Jones stopped airing on ABC after school.


    18. When the Bananas in Pyjamas got a make-over.


    19. And when you realised that not even Bob the Builder was safe.


    20. When your Pokemon trading cards got banned at school.

    21. Followed by the banning of the footy trading cards.

    22. When petrol cracked the dollar and your soul.

    William West / Getty Images
    Mark Dadswell / Getty Images

    23. When you would open a pack of Crazy Bones and you got the same one 6 times in a row.

    24. When you couldn't find a bread tag to fix your broken thong.

    25. When you realised today's kids will never truly know the struggle of accessing video.

    26. Like when you wanted to rent a video from Civic Video for a week, but it was only an overnight rental.

    27. But nothing hurt more than when they shut down Wonderland.

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