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23 Clothing Theories That Are 100% True

There's no feeling quite like ripping your bra off after a long day of having boobs.

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1. Any hoodie that is not your own is 100 times more comfortable.

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2. Nothing feels better than taking your bra off after a long day.

Twitter: @tbhjuststop / Twitter: @tbhjuststop

3. Except for maybe kicking your shoes off after a long day and slipping into something more comfortable.

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4. Or taking off your swimsuit and releasing all the sand down the shower drain.

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5. But putting on some dry underwear after swimming all day is next-level.

Twitter: @garolinecreen / Twitter: @garolinecreen

6. Clothes straight out of the dryer in winter is one of the best feelings.

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7. And "dry clean only" is really only a suggestion and not a rule.

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8. There are many different shades of black that you can wear.

Twitter: @imashipwreck / Twitter: @imashipwreck

9. And leggings are pants, especially when you're on your period.

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10. Cutting off an itchy shirt tag makes it feel like it's brand new.

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11. And freshly shaved legs under flowy clothing makes you feel like a sea creature.

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12. Finding money in the pockets of your jeans, no matter how little, is always amazing.

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13. Anything bought on sale is a steal, no matter how little the discount is.

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14. An online order arriving in 4 days when delivery was estimated to be 4-7 is pure joy.

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15. Even though you have like 30 shirts, you only wear 5.

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16. Changing into a fresh pair of pyjamas after wearing pyjamas all day is totally acceptable.

Twitter: @_bionnn / Twitter: @_bionnn

17. As is unbuttoning your jeans after a really good meal.

Twitter: @dar_baeee / Twitter: @dar_baeee

18. Freeing your neck by undoing your top button is other-worldly.

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19. And taking off your socks after being stuck with them wet all day is really something else.

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20. It's totally normal to find happiness in scratching the marks your tight socks left on your skin.

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21. And picking the ladders in your stockings is a big guilty pleasure.

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22. Locating the little rock that's been giving you trouble as you walk is pure ecstasy.

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23. And this is totally appropriate "take the bins out" footwear.

Twitter: @DaRealTinTin / Twitter: @DaRealTinTin