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17 Memes You'll Understand If You're Having Relationship Problems But You're Not In A Relationship

Look. If you don't get the title, you don't have one.

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1. Over time you've learnt that you can't trust men.

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2. But still, your ass somehow always ends up with a man who ain't really your man.


3. Which hurts you because, deep down, you know that they ain't shit.

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4. See, you've become accustomed to wanting A MAN...

5. ...but just not any of the men who want you.

6. Which really makes your life hard as shit.

7. So you try to start things off slowly, you know, as friends.

8. But your crazy sensitive ass gets way too protective, real quick.

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9. And you start noticing the little things, like your man talking about other girls...

10. ...or seeing other girls talk to him.

11. Which keeps you up at night, because even though he doesn't know any better...

12. ...he should at least know that he's your unofficial, official man.

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13. You're always left wondering how you have all these ~relationship~ problems.

14. Because you're as loyal as they come.


15. And your man, who isn't really your man, should just know better by now.


16. But at the end of the day, at least you know there are some positives to him not really being your man.

17. Even though it's hard to get over something that was so close, yet so far.