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    21 Photos That'll Make You Laugh If You've Ever Gone To University

    *Googles how to fit eight hours of sleep into three.*

    1. You know your first day of classes is honestly just the worst.

    2. But it doesn't get any better when you find out how expensive everything is.

    3. You soon realise that all you're doing is copying down slides...

    @memegourmet / Via

    4. ...but you struggle to even do that correctly.

    5. And after a little while, you fail to really understand anything.

    6. So you make friends in an attempt to help yourself learn.

    @liu_memes / Via

    7. But you just use that as an excuse to start skipping classes.

    @unisurvivalguide / Via Twitter: @PrinceJauan

    8. Whenever you try to speak up in class, you remember why you didn't for so long.

    @unisurvivalguide / Via

    9. And you're just so tired of that one motivated kid making you look bad.

    10. So you start to come to class later and later.

    11. Before you just stop going completely.

    12. Which becomes a big problem when exam time rolls up.

    13. So you find alternative methods of learning.

    @bordly_app / Via

    14. Because trying to balance all aspects of university life is...a lot.

    15. And you think back to how naive your younger self was.

    @liu_memes / Via

    16. Because your life at university has really just become a mix of procrastination...

    @masipopal / Via

    17. ...and trying to understand how your grades got so fucked up.

    18. So you just hope for the best.

    19. You treat yourself every now and then to a bit of a break.

    20. And you buddy up to your professor hoping they'll show you a little mercy.

    @nu_meme_bois / Via

    21. But you know it doesn't really work like that, so you just ignore it all until it's over.

    @dankmemesgang / Via

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