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    People Are Confused By Balenciaga's Expensive Shirt That Has Another Shirt Stuck To It

    Balenciaga, sis? You ok?

    Look at the back of this t-shirt. It just looks like a nice, plain blue t-shirt, right?

    Balenciaga / Via

    Wrong. When you look at the front of it, you quickly realise it's actually a t-shirt with a long-sleeve shirt stuck onto it.

    Balenciaga / Via

    The "T-SHIRT SHIRT" is made by Balenciaga, and goes for a whopping $1,290 USD.

    LMAOOOOO bro what in the actual fuck

    They describe the item as a "striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options".

    Once Twitter caught wind of the, uh... interestingly-designed garment, they really held nothing back.

    whoever is the designer for balenciaga has to leave...

    Some even pointed out how the model himself looked like he was questioning the garment.

    @MallyMack_ @Chris_Aint_Shit Bro looking like “Tf they got me wearing”

    @MallyMack_ @bibidesune The boy really asking himself tho

    @MallyMack_ @DesmondWheeler Man I didn’t even wanna do this shoot

    Others explained that Balenciaga weren't the only ones to adopt this double shirt-style of clothing.

    @MallyMack_ Vetements on the bs too

    But most people just spent their time finding other questionable Balenciaga items up for sale.

    @MallyMack_ @nealcol It's bad brah

    @MallyMack_ They got a jacket one too 😩

    @MallyMack_ @MattCPFC Balenciaga appear to have completely lost their heads

    But one man bested everyone else, recreating the double shirt himself at a fraction of the cost.

    Hey @BALENCIAGA, I just made my own Double Shirt and it didn't cost thousands of dollars!

    1. So, would you wear the double t-shirt?

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    So, would you wear the double t-shirt?
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      No... have you seen it?
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      YEP! It's worth all $1290.
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      I honestly couldn't care less.

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