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    Posted on 31 Jan 2018

    Nicole Kidman Proved She Gives No Fucks By Eating A Whole Bunch Of Bugs

    Print "a hairy nut" on my grave.

    You know Nicole Kidman, right? The award winning actress, fashion icon, and queen of delivering polite shade?


    Well, she stopped by Vanity Fair to share her secret talent which was... eating bugs?

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    Yep, you heard me.

    Nicole gladly downed four courses of "micro livestock" and, in turn, cemented her place as the fearless queen she is.

    Vanity Fair

    Her meal consisted of hornworms, mealworms, crickets, and fried grasshoppers.

    And even though she likened the crickets to a hairy nut (a nut from the shell, you pervs)...

    Vanity Fair

    ...Nicole ate mouthful after mouthful of grasshoppers, so I think we can easily say they were her fave.

    Vanity Fair



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