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21 Things That Are Definite Boner Killers For All Australians

Free sausage sizzle? Oh cabbage and mint? Yeah, nah mate, I'll be right.

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1. Buying a hot meat pie and then finding out they’re charging for sauce.

2. Buying a democracy sausage and being presented with this shit.

Cabbage and mint? Lol, goodbye.
Instagram: @melyeates / Via

Cabbage and mint? Lol, goodbye.

3. Or rolling up to Bunnings for a spot of hardware shopping and sobbing over the lack of sausage sizzle.

Twitter: @stephengreaves / Via Twitter: @stephengreaves

4. Finding a toilet when you're really keen for a piss and being greeted by some unexpected guests.

Facebook: @Central Station- Stories from Outback Australian Cattle Stations / Via Facebook: centralstationlife

5. Taking a brisk walk and realising a car has a better view than your home ever will.

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6. Ordering a coffee and suddenly being transported to Ikea, where you have to build everything your fucking self.

Twitter: @weskrantz / Via Twitter: @weskrantz

7. Or even worse, readying yourself for a cold long-neck and wondering how you became a biomedical scientist so fast.

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8. Pulling out a cold pack of Tim Tams from the fridge and realising you live with a bunch of absolute monsters.

9. Seeing a beautiful plate of fairy bread and upon closer inspection realising the heathen used LONG SPRINKLES.

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10. Or seeing a beautiful ice cream cake and noticing that it's home brand and not Freddo.

If there isn't lil' chocolate frog heads, is there any damn point??
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If there isn't lil' chocolate frog heads, is there any damn point??

11. Eyeing a fresh pack of Dairy Milk, only to be disgusted by the fucked-up combination put in front of you.

12. Reaching into the cupboard for a refreshing hit of Milo and discovering some fuckwit used it all without replacing it.

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13. Finally getting your hands on a beautiful bacon and egg roll, and realising the bastards gave you just one fucking rasher.

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14. Tucking into some fish and chips, then looking up and making eye contact with some demonic-ass seagulls.

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15. Thinking you'll enjoy the beach for once because it isn’t packed to the shithouse, but then discovering why.

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16. Walking around barefoot on grass, blissfully unaware of the goddamn spikey monsters beneath you.

Twitter: @julesunshine / Via Twitter: @julesunshine

17. Getting mad excited over a sales tag and lifting it up to see the ugly truth.

18. Getting into bed ready to watch your favourite show and being hit with this absolute fucking joke.

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19. Seeing that the Wiggles are on and being shocked by a mob of imposters.

Twitter: @PWBobillo / Via Twitter: @PWBobillo

20. Making it to your car just before your free parking runs out, but getting stuck in traffic on the way out.

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21. And thinking you’ve nabbed a seat on a busy train but it’s just a wanker in camouflage.