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21 Photos That Prove Why Australia Is About A Billion Times Better Than The US

Seriously. Why is your gravy white? I need to know.

1. First off, Australians don't need a maths degree to buy something because we don't have to deal with tipping or after sales tax.

TV Globo

2. Sure, us Aussies use slang, but at least we use the right words for the right things.

3. Plus, we're pretty straightforward when we need to answer a question, you know?

@kushandkissesx / Via


4. Our gravy is gravy-coloured aka the colour it should be, and not that white, chalky thing you guys have.

5. Oh, and we have good, real cheese. None of that orange stuff. None of that canned stuffed, either.

Twitter: @KawaiiGrandpa

6. Our chocolate? Well, it's actually delicious and creamy and just all-around yum.


Guys, surely Hershey's is not the best you have to offer.

7. And sorry...our coffee is actually good.

8. Australians can easily take banknotes out of our wallets without having to look at the numbers when we need money.

Twitter: @greyham

You've ever been in a rush fumbling for money?? Trust me, the colour helps.

9. And we save SO much more wallet space by not messing about with $1 notes.

Atlantic Records

10. Plus most of our coins have super-cute animals on them, while yours, no offence, have some boring-ass eagles and buildings.

@caroline_jourdain / Via

11. We can actively conserve energy by turning our power outlets off at the wall.


America, please hop on board with this.

12. And it's way safer for everyone to cross the street because all of our crosswalks make noise.

@ODN / Via

13. We still have Kinder Surprise eggs, in all their original glory.

Remember, America bans Kinder Surprise eggs because of the health danger from choking on the toys inside. But it sells AR-15s in Walmart.

14. And we use chicken salt on our chips, which, sorry, trumps any of those other salts you guys have.

@mikejjunk / Via

Oh, and we've got potato scallops, too.

15. Yeah, Australians might have student loans too, but they really aren't anywhere as bad as Americans'.

16. We can go to the public bathroom in peace and without fear of someone peeping at us through the door.

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

17. And our asses are pretty safe from the imminent splashback y'all have to deal with.

Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Why is your water level so HIGH?!

18. We easily know when something is below freezing or above boiling because we measure temperature in Celsius.

Exhibit A: Map of places that don’t use the Metric system:

You know, like the rest of the world?

19. Oh, and we don't use feet or inches, which makes everything a hell of a lot easier.

20. Our Kmart is definitely 110% better than the American one. /

Kmart is my religion.

21. But above all, our tastebuds are pretty damn happy because we don't use ranch dressing on everything.


Please. Put. The. Ranch. DOWN. PLEASEEEEE.