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Posted on Feb 29, 2016

Where Are The Scariest Places In Australia?

Australi-aw no thank you.

Australia is a damn well beautiful country...

Flickr / Les Haines / Via Flickr: leshaines123

...but we all know some creepy shit can happen Down Under.

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Have you seen Wolf Creek?!

Maybe you've heard the sounds of a child's music box playing in an abandoned mental asylum.

Like at Larundel Mental Asylum in Melbourne, VIC.

Or perhaps, you saw the ghost of a girl wandering down a deserted train tunnel.

Like at the Redbank Range Tunnel in Picton, NSW.

Or maybe you've heard the eerie whispers of solitary-confined prisoners gone mad.

Like in the Separate Prison at the Port Arthur Historic Sites, TAS.

Whatever it may be, we want to know - where’s the creepiest place in Australia? Share your responses and you could be featured on an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!


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