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17 Faces Everyone Who Has Had Straight Sex Will Recognise

Elephant seal in the street, elephant seal in the sheets.

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1. When you take off his pants and realise it's as big as he hyped it to be.

@markbridge / Flickr: markbridge

2. And you have to think about whether you'll be able to handle it.

3. When you're making out and he says he ~forgot~ a condom.

@dioptrica / Flickr: dioptrica

4. When you have to guide him to the clit because he's been rubbing your pubic bone for the past half hour.

@tlauckner / Flickr: tlauckner

5. When his tongue game is out of this world and you need a moment to compose yourself.

@jumilla / Flickr: jumilla

6. And then he asks you to go down on him so you open up as wide as possible.

@bazzat / Flickr: bazzat

7. When his stroke game is A1 and he's hitting the right spot.

@slobirdr / Flickr: slobirdr

8. When he tells you to look back at it while he hits it from behind.

@photodegraff /Flickr: photodegraff

9. And when he slips his dick into the wrong hole...

@ChetWilliams / Flickr: 32427626@N05

10. ...which he says is an accident but you know his ass is lying.

@cryllius / Flickr: cryllius

11. But then you realise you kinda low-key liked it and now don't know how to tell him.

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12. When he asks if he can finish on your face and you have to prepare yourself.

@freezedriedpop / Flickr: freezedriedpop

13. And when a bit gets in your eye and you don't know what to do.

@mcoughlin / Flickr: mcoughlin

14. When he's finishing up and you wait for him to grab you a towel.

@inspirationpending / Flickr: inspirationpending

15. And you have to take a moment to thank the gods above for such a quality sex session.

@sourcecoda / Flickr: sourcecoda

16. When he wants to smash again but you're too exhausted from the earlier round...

@theterramarproject / Flickr: theterramarproject

17. ...and so you leave him to deal with it himself.