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    Updated on 5 Jan 2020. Posted on 16 Oct 2017

    21 Frustrations That Literally Everyone Has Experienced At Least Once Before

    You ever spell something so wrong that even autocorrect gives up on you?

    1. Not being given enough sauce for the amount of food you have.

    2. Or burning your mouth on your first bite, meaning you can't even really taste anything anymore.

    3. Putting a new Chapstick in your bag, losing the cap, and having it get all dusty and dirty.

    4. Charging your phone for ages then realising it was never plugged in at all.

    5. Having to watch your food get cold while you wait for your Netflix link to load.

    6. Or being locked out of the Netflix account you pay for because everyone else is using it.

    7. Having to slip on a random pair of shoes to grab something outside because you can't find any of yours.

    8. Waking up a few minutes before your alarm is set to go off and feeling cheated by all your lost sleep.

    9. Having someone steal the food you saved and were thinking about all damn day.


    10. Or not being able to properly make room for something in the fridge because it's too packed.

    11. Really needing to sneeze and losing the urge because someone said "bless you" too early.

    12. Spelling a word so poorly that not even autocorrect can come to the rescue.

    13. Or having your bag be so heavy that it triggers the seatbelt warning sign.

    14. Being faced with the decision of having even dollars or even litres while you're filling up your petrol tank.

    15. Ordering food before someone else and watching them get their meal before you.

    16. Or eating your chips so fast that you don't realise you already ate your last one without savouring it.

    17. Leaving the hairdresser telling them that you love your haircut before going home to cry about it for six hours.


    18. The simple act of stepping on a Lego piece and having your life flash before your eyes.

    19. Or stubbing your toe on the edge of your bed and feeling like it's going to fall right off your body.

    20. Buying something when it's full price and having it go on sale the very next day.


    21. And worst of all, getting to a place with just your card and seeing they only take cash.

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