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18 Funny AF Memes That Sum Up Your 4/20

Next-level smokey eyes.

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1. You had to tell a few little white lies.

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2. And put in some planning and organisation.

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3. You had to make sure you thanked the weed gods in the right ways.

4. You faced some unfair negotiations...

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5. get that out-of-body experience on the weed-iest of days.

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6. You struggled with the concept of pitching in.

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7. And took makeup a little too literally.

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8. You faced some stressful questions.

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9. And did what was necessary to satisfy those cravings.

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10. Even though you really weren't in the right state of mind.

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11. You had to play it cool in public.

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12. And you had to try your hardest to blend in.

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13. But when you smelled someone else on that vibe you definitely shared the ~look~.

14. Yet on the way home you were still paranoid AF.

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15. You felt like everyone was judging you.

16. And that you probably had more important matters to focus on.


17. But then you realised 4/20 was just another day.

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18. And that you could treat yourself in every way.

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