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19 Grandparents Who Are Not Having Their Best Day

"Is bukkake a restaurant?"

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1. This gran who probably needs a new pair of glasses.

@amymcdade_x / Via Twitter: @amymcdade_x

2. And this nanna just trying to do the same.

@thewonderer321 / Via Twitter: @thewonderer321

3. These grandparents who forgot which kid the birthday card was for.

@hailee_mallett / Via Twitter: @hailee_mallett

4. And this nan who forgot how to spell her grandkid's name.

@abigailmphotography / Via

5. This poor papaw just trying to feed his grandkids.

@kelssseyharmon / Via Twitter: @kelssseyharmon

6. And this one who needs to brush up on her texting skills.

@nothin_but_funnies / Via

7. This g'ma who liked the group chat a lil' too much.

@princessnickyj / Via

8. And this one who had a bit of a rude shock.

@Huesscaa / Via Twitter: @Huesscaa

9. This poor granny who had a slip of the foot.

@k_drake33 / Via Twitter: @k_drake33

10. And this one who had an even bigger cross-over misstep.

11. This grandma who doesn't know the difference between her games.

@Nat_Zuccone / Via Twitter: @Nat_Zuccone

12. And this one who isn't really down with the lingo kids these days use.

@coldstonememery / Via

13. This granny who should've read the fine print.

@liamcastle2 / Via Twitter: @liamcastle2

14. And this nanna who probably should've actually just read.

@haleyyybea / Via Twitter: @haleyyybear

15. This grandpa who lost the ability to just type out his texts.

@stephrae11 / Via Twitter: @stephrae11

16. And this one who had to physically take notes on how to.

@TheIlltalian / Via Twitter: @TheIlltalian

17. This gramps who should probably stop dealing out "forehead hickeys".

@ang_byrne / Via Twitter: @ang_byrne

18. This really sensitive grandma.

@courtneyyukie / Via Twitter: @courtneyyukie

19. And this really poor grandpa who had to deal with this in his hospital room.

So you just bouta sit there and pull out your phone and make a while your grandad is dying..