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14 Of The Truest Tweets From The #IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe Hashtag

Who needs to know how to do taxes when you can do algebra!?!?

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School, despite it's best intentions didn't teach us everything we needed to know. We're still pretty clueless on taxes, investment, and other important real world topics.


However, the hashtag, #IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe, just started to trend on Twitter so we scooped up a bunch of tweets that show us what school actually did teach us.

Dress codes > Education

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe dress code is more important than education

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe that long hair is for girls, short hair is for boys and there is no in between.

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe the length of the skirt is way more important than the education they teach

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe that my knees and shoulders are sexual and should never be seen by a guy bc he won't be able to focus

How to cheat the system...

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe How to send a text whilst looking at the teacher at all times like an expert hawk.

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe how to text without looking at my phone

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe how to finish my homework in less than 10 minutes

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe how to forge my parents signature

...some people skills...

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe If they can't handle how you look during finals week, then they don't deserve you during syllabus week. 😂

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe always be nice to the quiet white kid everyone picks on

...and a some real world advice.

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe that 98% of ur friends are only ur friends because ur together all the time, after schools done, they're gone

#IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe how to get dressed in 5 minutes

Showing up is 90% of anything. #IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe

If anything, what did school teach you?

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