Will Ferrell Is Now An Exotic Animal Expert For “The Late Show”

He sure knows his animals!

1. Last night, Will Ferrell was supposed to stop by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat about Zoolander 2, but instead he chatted about animals.

2. Since The Late Show still doesn’t have an Animal Expert, Will decided he’d fill the role.

CBS / Via youtube.com

3. Will only brought out rare, endangered species, including Mulan, a Short-spine Peruvian Mongoose*. According to Will, she is very, very aggressive.

CBS / Via youtube.com


4. Also with him was a Mongolian Bush Tiger* named Kayak, who’s capable of taking out a full-grown moose. Will’s seen it for himself.

CBS / Via youtube.com

*Guinea pig

5. The only Duck-Bodied Platypus* left in the world, Cilantro, made an appearance as well.

CBS / Via youtube.com


6. Followed by none other than Peyton Manning, a vicious Upper Nile Skull Badger*.

CBS / Via youtube.com


7. I think it’s safe to say Will has secured his place as The Late Show’s animal expert.

CBS / Via youtube.com

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