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Seth Rogen Thinks Orlando Bloom's Penis Is Nice And Proportional


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Last week when photos of Orlando Bloom paddle boarding in the nude were published online, the world got its first glimpse at high profile penis since Justin Bieber's in October 2015.

"Orlando Bloom uncensored pic was leaked" Everyone:

So last night when Seth Rogen stopped by Watch What Happens Live to talk about his new movie, Sausage Party, the latest in celebrity sausage news was naturally a topic of conversation.

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And let's just say Seth was up to date on his celeb penii.

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He'd seen the pics, and while he acknowledged that Justin Bieber has a wonderful penis...

Bravo / Via his heart, he feels that Orlando Bloom's is nicer.

Bravo / Via

You know, for proportional reasons.

Bravo / Via

AND Orlando's got the personality to match.

Bravo / Via

So there you have it. Seth Rogen: Celebrity Sausage Expert.

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