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16 Trees Throwing Serious Shade

It's how Grandma Willow would've wanted it.

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1. "Yes Charlotte, tell us again how hard your life is."

Flairimages / Getty Images

2. "Someone please get this little fungus off me."

Sandi Graham-Mcwade / Getty Images

3. "Would you mind taking your tacky engagement photos somewhere else?"

4774344sean / Getty Images

4. "Move it old man, you're blocking the view."

Pedro Nogueira / Getty Images

5. "Cool sunglasses, bro."

Hemera Technologies / Getty Images

6. "There's not even wifi out here?????"

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

7. "Moooooooooove."

Steverts / Getty Images

8. "Don't think I haven't read The Giving Tree, children."

Photick / Getty Images

9. "This picture would be shit if it weren't for me."

Themorningglory / Getty Images

10. "An automatic? You've got to be kidding me."

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: andrew_ashton

11. "Don't think I don't see you, tiny human with your tiny, sticky hands."

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: mexicanwave

12. "Oh, YOU'RE HOT? Do you have any idea how many decades I've been standing here in this heat?"

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: axeman3d

13. "Bob the Builder doesn't take breaks, why should you?"

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: dmcordell

14. "You know what's also relaxing? Me supporting your body weight."

Jonathanfilskov-photography / Getty Images

15. "I hear Foie Gras is particularly tasty."

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: brettdavis

16. "What is this, a goddamn library?"

Nikki Bidgood / Getty Images

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