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16 Things Everyone With A Man Who Isn't Actually Their Man Will Understand

But that's your man.

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1. We all, at some point or another, have had a man who’s not really our man.

2. And it’s usually pretty clear he’s not your man, because he’s taking pics with other people...

3. ...and posting them on Snapchat or Instagram for you to see.

4. Let's not forget his mentions, either.

5. Meanwhile:

6. Often you see your man out, talking to other people.

7. You try not to worry about it.

8. Since he's not *really* your man, you can't get mad, right?

9. RIGHT?!?!???

10. Maybe just a little.

11. Just enough to keep you up at night.

12. AND haunt your dreams.

13. There's always that one friend who low-key wants your man.

14. And that other friend who reminds you of the truth.

15. But whatever. Until he's officially someone else's man...

When someone steals your man, but he's not really your man.

16. ...or proves himself unworthy...

...he's definitely your man.


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