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    16 Times Kermit The Frog Was A Goddamn Gift To The Internet

    Gotta love tea lizard.

    1. On binge-watching:

    2. On moms:

    3. On Benedict Cumberbatch:

    4. On being needy:

    5. On environmental conservation:

    6. On having some goddamn manners:

    7. On post-breakup life:

    8. On the end of summer:

    9. On blowin' it:

    10. On exes:

    11. On weird graphic tees:

    12. On driving struggles:

    13. And on passenger ones:

    14. On unrequited love:

    15. On free food:

    16. And on minding your own business:

    Thanks, Kermy 🐸☕️.