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    Jason Sudeikis' Son Playing With A Lightsaber Is Hilarious And Adorable

    Not even Luke Skywalker has seen this technique.

    Last night, Jason Sudeikis stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared some really adorable footage of his and Olivia Wilde's son, Otis.

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    Jason recently bought lightsabers for everyone in the family: red and blue for him and Olivia, and green for Otis.

    ABC / Via

    Now, Otis isn't super into Star Wars. But he has seen enough advertising to be aware of it.


    Just not enough, however, to know how to wield a lightsaber yet.

    ABC / Via

    That's OK though. Every young Jedi has to start somewhere!

    Kids...they do the darndest things.

    ABC / Via

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