23 Gary The Snail Reactions For Everyday Situations

    The ultimate spirit animal.

    1. When a person you hate is talking to you about their problems:

    2. When it's been 45 minutes and the pizza still hasn't arrived:

    3. When you wear the jeans you know your ass looks great in:

    4. When your family keeps asking you about your future:

    5. When you show up to work hungover AF:

    6. When you try on a pair of shorts from last summer:

    7. When your mom starts talking to you while your show's on:

    8. When you take the stairs instead of the elevator:

    9. When someone asks if you can take a picture of them and their friends:

    10. When you finally finish a Netflix binge:

    11. When you're really feelin' your look:

    12. When you stalk someone's Instagram and accidentally like an old pic:

    13. When two of your friends are fighting and you want nothing to do with it:

    14. When someone touches you where you got sunburned:

    15. When you're flippin' through the channels and come across Whorrey Potter And The Sorcerer’s Balls:

    16. When someone steals one of your jokes:

    17. When you check your phone and bae still hasn't answered:

    18. When you didn't ask for someone's opinion but they give it to you anyway:

    19. When you accidentally fart without checking who's around:

    20. When you can see a guy's junk through his sweatpants:

    21. When you're waiting for people to laugh at your joke and no one does:

    22. When you know someone's lying to your face but don't care enough to call them out:

    23. And when you get hit with a bad case of the shits: