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Sally Field Said Tommy Lee Jones Was The Worst Kisser Of Her Career

Damn, Sally. Go in!

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Last night, Sally Field and Max Greenfield stopped by Watch What Happens Live to chat about their new movie Hello, My Name Is Doris.

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Now, Sally’s been making headlines for her recent TV makeout sessions on The Late Show and Ellen.


So of course, a caller phoned in to get the deets on who the worst kisser of Sally's career was.

Sally first let everyone know that James Garner was the best kisser.

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The two starred together in the 1985 rom-com Murphy's Romance.

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As for the worst kisser of her career, Sally didn't hold back.

Sally and Tommy were in the 1981 rom-com Back Roads.
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Sally and Tommy were in the 1981 rom-com Back Roads.

She didn’t go into too much detail, just that it was during a "bad phase of his life."

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Since Sally and Max make out in Hello, My Name Is Doris, Andy had to ask where Max falls on the spectrum.

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I believe it.

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