These Russian Seals Are Adorable But Deadly

    Meanwhile in Russia...

    At first glance you're probably thinking, "Awww look! Seals in hats!"

    Well think again, because these aren't just any seals — they're knife-wielding, gun-shooting, special forces seals from Irkutsk, Russia.

    Well, kind of.

    The two seals, Winnie the Pooh and Laska, are circus seals who've been trained to perform a variety of tricks.

    For the 70th anniversary of Russia's Victory Day, the seals donned military uniforms and showed off their latest routine.

    The two were trained to salute, wave a flag, and shoot water guns. And while that's totally adorable, it's important to note that Winnie and Laska would probably be much happier in their natural habitat.

    You can watch the whole video here:

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    H/T John Oliver