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Ben And Lauren From "The Bachelor" Will Probably Have To Return That Ring


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But unfortunately, a Bachelor/Bachelorette couple is contractually required to stay together for at least two years in order to keep the ring — at least that might've been the case for Bachelorette Jillian Harris.

Chris Harrison kind of confirmed this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year, saying, "There's some rule ... that after a certain number of years, you get to keep it anyway. But if it's, like, months ... it comes back."

And by "comes back" he means goes back to Neil Lane — although Neil doesn't seem to be aware of this. He recently told People Magazine he doesn't know what happens to the rings of failed Bachelors past. However, Chris has said they probably are returned to Neil and "he just doesn't even know it."

All that being said, it's possible all contracts are different and who knows how long Ben and Lauren would've had to stay together in order to keep the ring. And hey, maybe they were together long enough to keep it! Who knows!