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This Turkey Duo Is Refusing To Go Down Without A Fight

The turkeys are coming! The turkeys are coming! H/t NBC Connecticut.

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Meet Fred and Ethel, two wild turkeys living in Wallingford, Connecticut.

They've also been referred to as Bert and Ernie.

They've also been referred to as Bert and Ernie.

Recently, the pair have taken to the streets to protest Thanksgiving — or as the turkeys call it, "The Hunger Games".

Their protest seems anything but peaceful, involving high speed chases down local highways.


Perhaps Fred and Ethel are just two brave souls who want their gobbles to be heard.

Maybe they're just a couple of hitchhikers.

But it seems more like the beginning of some sort of turkey revolution we certainly aren't ready for.

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Watch the whole thing here and decide for yourself:

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