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    23 Caveman SpongeBob Tweets That'll Make You Laugh

    Move over, confused Mr. Krabs.

    Over the past couple weeks, Caveman SpongeBob, aka Primitive Sponge, has probably taken over your Twitter feed.

    Here are 23 of the funniest tweets:

    1. On waiting for your food:

    2. On group projects:

    3. On substitute teachers:

    4. On daddies:

    5. On killing spiders:

    6. On Netflix and chill:

    7. On *that* talk:

    8. On chores:

    9. On swimming:

    10. On getting ready:

    11. On binge-watching:

    12. On safe sex:

    13. On note-taking:

    14. On shopping:

    15. On speeding:

    16. On being woken up:

    17. On house parties:

    18. On bae slacking:

    19. On losing your mom:

    20. On crying:

    21. On hide-and-seek:

    22. On public restrooms:

    23. On oversleeping:

    Sorry, Mr. Krabs!