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    Updated on Sep 29, 2018. Posted on Sep 28, 2018

    18 Nextdoor Posts That Are Truly Something Else

    Isn't having neighbors great?

    1. The jarred ghost:

    2. The civil where:

    3. The corgi rental:

    4. The Most Terrifying Thing I Have Ever Seen:

    5. The Sweet Child o' Nextdoor:

    6. The rogue shark:

    7. The how dare you talk to my dog like that:

    8. The self-sufficient bunny:

    9. The Gecko infestation:

    10. The unstoppable erotica:

    11. The Denture Fairy:

    12. The free shavocado:

    13. Or, the free (expired) salad dressing:

    14. The Stolen Honor:

    @TheHoboExpress / Via

    15. The birthing DJ:

    16. The... come on Janice was this really necessary?

    17. The reason bees are dying at an alarming rate:

    @lyssap87 / Via

    18. And finally, the suspicious Iron Maiden fan:

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