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19 Last-Minute Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Because there's still time until Christmas.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us photos of their Elf on a Shelf. Here are some genius last-minute ideas.

1. For the elf who loves a good snowball fight:


2. For the syrup pong champion:


3. For the Elfie-taker:


4. For the elf who keeps it clean:

And obviously doesn't care about privacy.—RisWeaver
@snowflakeandcoco / Via Instagram: @snowflakeandcoco

And obviously doesn't care about privacy.


5. For the elf who likes to party:


6. For the chocolate-addicted elf:


7. For the outdoorsy elf:


8. For the elf who enjoys tea time:


9. For the snow-loving elf:


10. For the naughty elf:


11. For the elf with serious Lego skills:


12. For the elf who's always in a sticky situation:


13. For the competitive elf:


14. For the elf who came in like a wrecking ball:


15. For the flirty elf:


16. For the promiscuous elf:


17. For the elf with a sweet tooth:


18. For the elf who has an affinity for elf culture:


19. And for the elf who couldn't hold it any longer: