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Chad Tweeted At Jordan And JoJo And The Drama Is Real

The drama continues!

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Well Chad’s been reading gossip, and decided to tweet out an article that claims JoJo and Jordan decided to break up and “turn their relationship into a business deal.”

I called it from day 1! Sup now bruh?? #ImTheSmartestManOnTV #GetThoseEndorsements @JoelleFletcher @JRodgers11


JoJo hit ‘em with a RT and a #BoyBye hashtag.

Chad- why don't u do something positive with your life instead of filling the world with your garbage. #boybye 👋🏼

While Jordan replied directly, accusing Chad of trying to remain relevant.

@realchadjohnson not surprised you're still trying desperately to be relevant...more surprised you could actually read it #spellingbee

Which, aren’t we all?