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Jordan And JoJo Moved To Dallas And They Snapchatted The Whole Thing

Congrats, JorJo!

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And as of this morning, the ~big move~ is officially in full effect.

DALLAS- we are coming home!! 10 hour road trip... HERE.WE.GO 🙏🏼 @JRodgers11


Jordan even started a #JoJoSleepWatch2016 to keep Twitter updated on just how long JoJo would sleep.

The #JoJosleepswatch2016 is underway on this road trip. 25min and counting...Vegas needs odds on this @JoelleFletcher #partyof1

(One hour and 42 minutes to be exact.)

1hr and 42 min of #JoJosleepswatch2016 broken by a sneaky under-the-blanket tweet #partyof2


JoJo had her reasons though!

It's sitting pretty in its box in my purse:) Was nervous to bang it up while moving... Since u know, I help, a lot.