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    Jacob Tremblay Cut The Line To Meet Leo DiCaprio At The SAG Awards

    The perks of being an adorable 9-year-old.

    Jacob Tremblay, star of the Oscar-nominated movie Room and most adorable child in the world, made his Ellen debut yesterday.

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    Talking about his recent award show appearances, Jacob admitted that being surrounded by a crowd of famous people makes him kind of nervous.

    But how nervous could he really have been if he introduced himself to Leonardo DiCaprio?

    Unsurprisingly, there was a long line of people trying to meet Leo.

    But being an adorable 9-year-old sure has its advantages.

    Leo and Jacob were both nominated for SAG Awards that night, but only Leo ended up taking one home.

    Jacob thinks Leo's win might have had something to do with their earlier encounter.

    If Jacob really is a lucky charm, let's hope Leo's luck doesn't run out before the Oscars!