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    Hot Guys On The Paris Metro Is The Instagram Account You've Been Looking For

    How do you say "hot AF" in French?

    Is your Instagram feed in desperate need of hot guys?

    Or more specifically, hot French guys?

    Well good news, @MecsMétroParis is here to deliver.

    The latest in hot guy accounts, Mecs Métro Paris is dedicated to bringing you only the best aboard the Paris Metro.

    In less than two weeks since its debut, the account has gained almost 20K followers.

    Which isn't really that surprising.

    What's not to like about fashionable French dudes on public transit?

    Many of whom are rockin' scarves!

    Really makes you want to go for a ride, amirite?

    If you like what you see — which of course you do — you can follow Mecs Métro Paris here.

    H/T Design Taxi

    Thumbnail credit: Flickr / CC / bourguiboeuf