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    The Shoulder Chicken Is The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

    Shoulder chickens, so hot right now.

    About a day ago, redditor clc0608 posted this picture with the caption, "I'll raise your shoulder turkey. Shoulder chicken."

    The shoulder turkey being referred to is seen in this picture, which was actually posted two years ago by redditor thefastandthecalm. / Via

    The image was recently revived when it was submitted under a different username.

    Turns out, a lot of people have shoulder chickens.

    They come in all different colors.

    And different sizes.

    And though shoulder chickens have been around for quite some time...

    Adam Savage of Mythbusters shared this photo from 2003.

    ...there's no such thing as too many.

    Anyone else having shoulder chicken envy?

    Never in my life have I wanted a shoulder chicken. Until now.

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